Thursday, January 8, 2009

Going to California

At last Christmas came and with it twelve family members from mom's side from the East coast. On Christmas day they left freezing temps and snow and arrived to see the last of a mild California storm. They got to see big waves and dramatic skies. After that, the skies cleared and the rest of the week was some of the nicest weather I've seen in a while.

We (17 of us) had a house rented on La Selva Beach, near Aptos, for a week. Christmas Day through New Years Day. The food and drink were good and the company even better. My family doesn't see that side of the family more than once a year or so. It was a great chance to slow down and really spend some time with each other. The house was located such that it really forced you to relax. There were only a few things to do in the immediate area, and none of them sucked. Options such as walking the beach, taking a soak in the hot tub (on the deck with a view of the beach), catching up on a book, or just sitting enjoying a cold one were the fare of the week. It was perfect.
There were a few day trips to local spots. Some went to Monterey (there was an aquarium trip of course) and some to Santa Cruz and Capitola (Gabigola as it became know). Nancy Ann organized an on the beach horse back riding trip at Molera Beach.All in all it was an amazing week and it came to a close way too quick. I think mom had a great time. Tired at times, she really hung in there. I know she cherished the chance to catch up with her sister, brother, and nieces and nephews.
A great start to what is sure to be a much better year than the last.


Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

...and what a week it was! When I think about it I get all teary eyes and smile. It was wonderful to see and be part of the family Bond bond.

Lorraine said...

As David (the sensitive, touchy feely one of the group) put it, "you are loved alot by a whole lot of people." I really felt it that week. I'm overwhelmed by the sacrafices everyone made to be there.