Friday, October 16, 2009

Latest round

Mom had her latest round of IV chemo today at Dr. Stampleman's office. It doesn't seem like it's been three weeks since her last round in the hospital when we were all so humorously entertained. I had put in a request to the doc to get her all drugged up again so I could make my debut on YouTube, but it didn't work. They did give her the Benadryl again for the reaction and she pretty much just sat there and got some sleep while the infusion ran. It wasn't nearly as interesting as the last time. Sorry, no video again...but that's ok at least I don't have to sleep (not) in a hospital again while mom wanders around the room babbling like a 30 year person of the streets.

Dr. Stampleman did stop by to update us on her latest round of scans and she basically said that we are continuing to move in the right directions. One scan showed that there is no change in the size of the mass, and it actually may appear to be bigger due to scar tissue and inflammation. The other scan showed that the activity of the tumor has continued to decrease. That is the good news. So we continue to move forward one week at a time. There continues to be no metastasis.

She's home once again resting up and I'm sure she'll be feeling good again in a couple days. She is also still working. She's a tough one!

Thanks again for all of you kind comments on the previous posts, she does read them.

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☺♥☺♥☺♥ Deb said...

You are one tough cookie, Lorraine! What an inspiration! I can't imagine why anything would want to invade YOUR system!
Mark, we all appreciate your keeping us up on things. What a gift this blog has been for all.
Blessings, Lorraine and family ♥☺♥☺♥☺