Friday, December 4, 2009

Doing well

Mom had a doctor appointment today. Jake and I went with her. Overall the report was great. The best news is that her CA-19 count is down some more. It went from 312 at the last check to 118 now. That's a very significant improvement. The normal range for a healthy person is 0-35. At one point the count was in the 900's so 118 is amazing. This was outstanding news and very relieving.
Mom also had the fluid previously mention drained today. They took out 2.5L. That seems like a lot. She is much more comfortable now. They will run tests on the fluid to check for any malignant cells which would be an indication of less effectiveness by the chemo. With the news of the CA-19 level dropping, it seems that shouldn't be too big of a concern.
She had a minor fall the other night, likely due to poor balance from a sleeping pill. No injury other than a bumped up tail bone.
The doc agreed with Jake and I that she does need to be careful to moderate her activity level more. She's been overdoing it a bit lately and going till she crashes. Mom agreed that she needs to work on it more. Nobody wants her to sit around in bed all day, but some moderation would be good. We just want to see her get healthy.
A good day and good news.

I made some changes to reflect the color of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network of purple


Scarlett Lillian said...

Praise Jesus for the good news!

Deb, The Outdoor Guru said...
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Deb said...

A beautiful song to accompany a beautiful message. Brings tears to my eyes. Love you all very much!

Char said...

Awww Lexi the song you wrote and sang was just beautiful!! I hope you pursue your love of music because you've got talent. I know your mothers heart was just full of joy and happiness when you sang her your beautiful song. Your mom is so very blessed.
Charlotte Shimojima

Steven said...

Mark thanks for keeping us all updated. Nance and I are counting the days until our visit. Do you have the guest bedroom set up in your new house yet?

A Faigle in France said...

YEEEEAAAHHHHHH Lorraine!! Catching up on reading some posts really highlights the good news! You give 'em hell, girl!!

And Lexi!! What a beautiful voice you have! I love the song.

Miss you all...kisses and hugs
Mary Faigle