Thursday, December 3, 2009

Swelling & Hernia

Since the last update, which I can't believe was in October (the last few month have been crazy for me with no end in sight, with some very exciting stuff going on), mom's hernia has worsened. Much of this likely has to do with the fact that she still has not learned how to say "no". I had to remind her just yesterday that she still does in fact have cancer. She said that she is in denial. At least she recognizes that. I can see that it is very true. She has been blessed all along with being able to remain at work a couple days a week and has generally remained very active. She does way too much. It's just who she is. I see her in me a lot because I'm the same way. I never know how to tell people "no" and I often burn the candle at both ends. I get it from her, no doubt. I've talked to her once and I'll talk to her again about the fact that she really needs to chill this Christmas and not over do it.
In addition to the hernia worsening it looks like the swelling and fluid build up is getting worse as well. I talked about the fluid in the last post. She may be needing to get it drained soon. In the evening she almost looks pregnant there is so much buildup. I'll spare her the embarrassment of posting the pictures we just took to send to Stanford.

She meets with her oncologist on Friday so if there is news I will update.

Randomly I did a Google search on mom and found:
she is on a prayer list at her old church
turned up on
found the obituaries for my beloved grandmother. They are about 11 & 12 up from the bottom (Mary M. Bond)
and of course her FaceBook page

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