Thursday, May 6, 2010


It has been a long time coming that I get some great images of mom and Lexi. I have wanted to do this for quite a while now. Nat pointed out that I don't have any pictures of mom up on my bookshelf along with the rest of them. What kind of son am I? It never dawned on me. Problem solved. A couple weeks ago we picked a day for them to set aside so we could get some nice pictures of them together. We had a great time filled with laughter. I will always cherish these pictures. They are some of my favorite I have made yet. More will be posted once I get editing done.




Rhonda said...

I love the pictures! I think about you often and I wanted to tell you, you are an amazing woman, I know it must be difficult to endure all that you are going through but you always have a smile regardless! There aren't many of us that could do that!
God Bless you always, Rhonda Fuller

Deb Thorup said...

Mark, these are amazing pictures! I absolutely LOVE them, and I bet your mom and Lexi do, too. Well done! I hope we can get copies!

Love to All...Deb

Deb Thorup said...

I LOVE your photos of Lorraine and Lexi...Well done! I am so glad you remembered and took the time to capture these two beautiful women at their best. I hope you can send us copies!!!

Love to All...Deb

Scarlett Lillian said...

I've never seen your mom look so beautiful as she does in these pictures. Lexi is stunning as always too! And Finn... LOL... her hair got long! So cute!

Jeri Gilbert said...

Two beauties!

Amy said...

Oh Mark. Love these!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful women. Great work Mark.
Maya Lomax