Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I took mom up to see Matt & Lexi in Coloma at Rock N Water, the camp where they river guide in the summers. Coloma is up in the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento and on the south fork of the American River. It was a great weekend and very warm. We relaxed and hung out by the river, ran errands for Lexi and shared a couple great meals with the camp staff who we've all become close to over the last seven or so years. Craig and Mia, the husband and wife team who run the camp are always so gracious and they love mom. It was far too short but a very nice visit nonetheless.

Mom trying to explain to Lexi how to do laundry. All is well that ends well.

Lexi and that dreaded washing machine

Nothing like a good laundry mat photo.
Mom, Haley, Linnea, Lexi

Momma T as the girls call her.
I like it.

Sunday camp dinner at Rock N Water

Haley, Lexi, Mom, Linnea

Mom and Canyon


stephanie said...

here is my comment
happy 2 year anniversary since your first post.
you all look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Mom's visit was timely (Lexi ran out of clothes)Just kidding, Lexi. You all look marvelous, just marvelous.

TWO YEARS. The universe is listening. Miracles are happening.

Love you all so much
Nancy (Sister, Auntie)