Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mom hasn't been feeling very well the last few days. She had a check up with the oncologist a few days ago and her scans she had recently came back showing and increase in the size of her tumor with no metastasis still. This was to be expected; she has been off her chemo for about five weeks in an effort to heal from the symptoms the last round gave her.

She is now back on a reduced dose of the chemo she was previously on.

Her recent labs show an increase in Ammonia levels which certainly have something to do with her feeling crummy and mentation deficiencies. She hasn't been sleeping well either.

Working on scheduling another appointment at stanford with the radiation oncologist and either a nephrologist or heptologist, I think.

I'm hoping this is just a bad few days. Mom doesn't seem very optimistic but she's certainly allowed to feel down from time to time.

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mikelea said...

Mark - thanks so much! I think of your mom all of the time and keep her (as well as you, Matt, Lexie and Jake) in my prayers! Please give her a hug from me.