Friday, October 22, 2010

Feeling better

Mom is off her chemo for a while. Looks like at least several more weeks. The toxicity of the chemo she had been on was catching up to her and making things a bit miserable. The biggest side effect was to her feet which I won't go into again since I wrote about it a couple posts ago. Since coming off the chemo she's had rapid improvement in her feet and hand and of course she is getting around much better. She still tires quickly but her spirits seem to be higher. I think just maybe I'm seeing some improvement in her mentation as well, if only a bit.

On another note, she had a run in with the wonderful California Highway Patrol a few nights ago when she was pulled over under suspicion of DUI. Apparently there was a bit of swerving going on but the stories I've heard from both sides don't exactly match up, so who knows. She was given the full gamut of field sobriety tests along with a breathalyzer which of course she passed in their entirety. After a bit the CHP officer found out what I did for a living and apparently his tune changed a bit and I got what could only be classified as a professional courtesy in the form of a phone call from the officer. We talked for a while on the phone and his concern for her wellbeing and of course that of everyone else on the road was genuine. I answered his questions about what mom has been dealing with for the last 2+ years and explained chemo-brain to him (which I discovered recently is a very real thing and a term even used by doctors) and how yes, she could possibly come across as impaired to someone who doesn't know her or to someone who has a career based around just generally assuming everyone is guilty of something. Okay, I didn't say the last part, but I would have liked to. In the end, after a phone call to his sergeant she was left to go on her way, distraught and frustrated, but free. The officer and I did agree perhaps the time has come for mom to not be driving, if only temporary. So, everyone knows she doesn't know how to ask for help, right? If you should feel so inclined, now would be a good time to throw out offers for rides to the grocery store, Costco, etc. When I'm around I take her, as we did today to the grocery store. And Lexi is around too, but who knows, she may need a lift from time to time.

Now, as far as her cancer goes, according to the wise oncologists, everything still seems to be holding steady. It's not appearing to get any worse or better. I know mom doesn't like being off the chemo because she's afraid the cancer will gain a foothold and make a run for it, but her body needed a break any way you look at it. It came down to the constant battle of treatment versus quality of life. So, for a while we are erring on the side of quality of life. She will be re-evaluated again soon to see how things are going after being off the chemo for a bit and will possibly be put back on a different chemo of a reduced dose of the one she just came off.

On a happy note we are planning another Christmas time visit from mom's side of the family just like we did a couple years ago in La Selva. This year we'll be renting a 3000+ square foot house for the week up in the Carmel Highlands. It will be nice being a little closer to home this time. We are all very excited. Last time was a blast.

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