Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Funeral Service

Mom touched so many lives. It was evidenced by the number of people who attended her service and braved the muddy graveside service in the rain. Although there were well over 300 people in attendance, I know there were many who, because of work or other commitments, were unable to make it. Luckily, the Church was gracious enough to record the audio portion of the service. There are a few songs mixed in with Lexi, Matt, and me paying tribute to our mom.
For those of you who were unable to attend, or just want to hear it again....

You may be prompted to download a program such as QuickTime to listen to this. Go for it, don't be scared it's just a little player from Apple and should work on your PC too.
Also if for some reason it doesn't load right the first time, just try refreshing your browser. I am on a Mac so if you're on a PC and/or you are having trouble accessing the audio, please let me know by email at

Below is the slideshow that I shared at the service. It's cut out of the above audio so you don't hear the music twice. In the service it was right after I finished speaking. All of the music was written and performed by my sister Lexi.

For those of you not familiar with YouTube inner workings...if you click on the resolution numbers in the bottom bar, you will have other options, also if you click on the outward facing arrows on the bottom right corner, you will get a full screen show.

Thank you to everyone who surrounded our family with love and support over the past couple weeks. It's been a rough ride, and it's only just now starting to sink in.



A Faigle in France said...

Thanks so much for putting the slide show and audio on the blog! It was beautiful.

You are always in my thoughts.
Mary Faigle

Scarlett Lillian said...

The video was beautiful, especially being set to Lexi's songs. Your mom was a beautiful lady in every decade of her life but most recently in the photos you documented her of her last years.

Jeanne said...

Thank you for sharing the audio and the pictures. I was out of town at the time of the funeral and hearing yo all talk about and remember your mom was very special. I know she is so proud of all of you and delighted that you are honored when people compare you to her. She was a great lady who raised a great family.
Bless you all.

Taylor said...
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Michelle Zuniga said...

I just got off the phone with you Mark and I went straight to your mom's blog. I have tears in my eyes. Your slideshow was amazing, imagery will always hold hearts together. Beautiful!

Amy said...

I love this Mark. What a beautiful family you have! Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers